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Committee Head: Bryon Simora, Jim Bultler, Jan Colbaugh, Sandra Kyte

Food for the Multitude is a collaborative effort among local churches to provide nourishing, hot meals for people in need in the Elizabethton/Carter County area.

As many as 300 meals (and sometimes more!) are prepared and served for take-out every Saturday by volunteers.

TLC Women's Center is located at 145 Don Lewis Road - about a half mile up Stoney Creek Road (Hwy 91), behind the Northeast State & TN Workforce Campus.

***Don't throw away your Weekly Bulletins!! We have started spreading the Word of God to those we serve. The inserts to our Sunday Bulletins containing the readings, prayers and Gospel are now handed out with each meal in hopes of giving those in need not just food for the body but food for the soul.


St. Thomas Dates:

April 2nd

May 7th

June 11th

July 16th

August 20th

September 24th

October 29th

December 3rd

January 14, 2017







Committee Head: Cathe Decker, Jim Butler, Tara Thomas


St Thomas has partnered with "Schwans Cares"! To help support our church and to assist us in helping our community, please visit the link below to order your Schwans today! Food will be delivered to your home and is available nationwide.






Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing, some people have shown hospitaltiy to angels without knowing it ~ Hebrews 13:2

Committee Head: Elizabeth White, Cathe Decker, Kim Jones, Kathy Jordan, Carly White, Libby Younce


We have been blessed to have a food pantry that is available to serve the members of our church and others in need!! It has been put to good use! We are asking everyone to please bring 1, 2 or more non-perishable food items to help us restock the pantry. If you are in need of the food pantry, please use it. We are here to help each other. If you have a little, please give a little. If you need a little, please take a little. 


Our Hospitality Committee also organizes the St Thomas monthly potluck luncheons on the 1st Sunday of each month!

  • January's Luncheon Theme: Annual Meeting- bring your favorite dish to share as we review our St Thomas business at our Annual Meeting
  • February's Luncheon Theme: Valentine's Day- Bring your favorite dish to share and wear your best red or pink!
  • March's Luncheon Theme: St. Patrick's Day- Don't forget to wear green!
    • April's Luncheon Theme: Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser- purchase your ticket for our Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser! Come hungry!
      • May's Luncheon Theme:- It's a Baby Shower for Kim & Joe! More information coming soon!
        • June's Luncheon Theme: Picnic at the Lake- bring your favorite dish to share as we celebrate the Eucharist at Watuaga Point on the beautiful Watauga Lake! The church will provide hamburgers and hotdogs.





Committee Head: Kim Jones, Elizabeth White, Carly White, Libby Younce


We are always looking for 10 people to donate $10 per month. All of the donations will be used to purchase non-food items (toilet paper, toothpaste, etc) and donated to ARM.

Remember: We are still collecting items for our ARM closet. ARM has specifically asked for Feminine Hygene Products


Committee Head: Judy Haley, Sandra Kyte, Elizabeth White, Libby Younce