Fr. Timothy Holder
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
815 East 2nd St
Elizabethton, TN 37643
423-543-3081 (office)
423-707-0042 (cell)

Blessings from St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Elizabethton, Carter County, Tennessee, two rivers running through it, great mountains surrounding, skies of beauty and hope upward, sunshine blessing, all proclaiming,

God Is Love!

“Ponder a anew what the Almighty can do,” we sing in the old hymn. What is the Almighty doing through His Word - the Holy Bible - and Sacrament - His life given for all of us? What is God doing in our community? In the lives of our children and young people, neighbors and loved ones? Do we have Good News to tell?

We at St. Thomas’ and in the Episcopal tradition are people of the Good News of Jesus Christ. We try our best to celebrate the Good News of God in Jesus Christ, crucified, risen and ascended for all. Ours is a ‘Resurrection’ faith about grace and love, not so much judgment and death. Because of that we know that we are forgiven as we forgive and that we are loved unconditionally. God takes care of the rest. Worship is celebration. Mission is Love. Good News!

Fr Tim and Elvis

My family were among the first settlers in the Watauga Valley around the time of the American Revolution. Given the best of schooling at Happy Valley Elementary and High Schools here in Carter County, I graduated from The University of the South at Sewanee and Harvard Divinity School. African American, Latino/a, LGBT peoples and young Hip Hop generations from Alabama to the South Bronx, Jersey Shore and back home are my Good News!

My first year home - 2016 - is a ‘landmark’ year for me. Proud and deeply grateful to be among so many I love and who love me, I “ponder anew” with St. Thomas God’s ministry, mission, and Good News for our people and home. We are blessed beyond knowing, loved without end. Good News!

God calls us to be and to tell the world what we know - God is Love. forever and for All! Come, be a part of the Good News of St. Thomas’ Church, Elizabethton. Let us, sisters and brothers, as we “ponder anew,” n the words of the old hymn, always give “Praise to the Lord! Oh let all that is in me adore Him!”

Join us Weekly Sundays at 11:00 a.m., Wednesdays Noon & Thursdays Noon (Espanol)

Celebrating St. Thomas’ “Diamond Jubilee” + 75th Anniversary - All 2017