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St. Thomas provides a Sunday School Program for children with a wide age range. We meet every Sunday morning for our weekly "meet and greet" before we gather together for morning prayers and songs. We then move to individual classrooms to learn more about God, His word and to learn to live the way He wants us to live.  We have many activities during our lessons such as crafts, songs, games and more.


Sunday School meets at 10:30am for High School and 11:15 am for Kindergarten through Middles School on Sunday mornings.  The children join our church congregation to share Holy Peace and Holy Communion. 

A nursery is also available for our smallest members, infant through preschool.


Introducing our Sunday School Teachers:

Libby (Elementary and Middle)

Elizabeth (Kindergarten and Elementary)

Jonathan (Middle and High School)

Deborah (Nursery)

Carly (Jr. Sunday School Teacher)



St. Thomas Sunday School Yearly Traditions:

  • "Good Friday Reenactment" with Storyteller Marjorie Shaefer
  • "Easter Egg Hunt" for the children after Easter Sunday Celebration
  • Swim parties every summer
  • Outdoor Movie Night on the 1st Saturday of the month during the summer months
  • Visit to the Corn Maze every October
  • Snow tubing every winter
  • Christmas tree decorating party
  • And more!!!


*Our traditions may be "tweaked" depending upon weather, etc



2012 Spaghetti Dinner!

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